We asked parents what they liked most about being part of a babysitting circle and here’s what they told us.

  • “I know the all the other parents in our group really well
  • “Not having to pay a babysitter makes going out a whole lot cheaper”
  • “The feeling of support is fantastic, especially as I’m on my own”
  • “It’s actually really lovely catching up with friends at the start and end of their night out. We might sneak in a glass of wine together too before I head off!”
  • “It’s great being able to find a babysitter when you just want to head out for an hour or two”
  • “It creates a strong feeling of community which is really important as most members live far away from their families”
  • “Babysitting feels like a treat. I watch TV, browse Twitter and drink a glass of wine all while helping out a friend”
  • “Cost, familiarity and leaving the children in safe hands, and with a fellow a parent”

To create your own babysitting circle ask your trusted friends and download our app.   Sitster is a free app to help parents organise a babysitting circle with their trusted friends.   The app does all the administration, organising and keeps track of the virtual points you earn and spend babysitting. Easy, Free and Fair.