With Fathers’ Day coming up this weekend, here at Sitster HQ we’ve been thinking a lot about how many pairs of socks constitute an adequate gift and whether stripes are more wearable than bumble bees. Oh, and also about how now would be a good time to say well done and thank you to the fellas in our lives.

In the era of #metoo and in the fray of the ongoing battle for equal pay and rights for women, it’s easy to forget that men are part of the Village too. They are our lovely fathers, partners, brothers and sons. They are exasperating, fun, rowdy, sensitive, kind and clever and we wouldn’t change a thing about them (would we?).

We think that for the vast majority of blokes we know, life experience is about as close to that of women as it has ever been. It’s no longer just a transition from playing cops and robbers to having a pint and a cigar with the boys while the wife looks pretty in the kitchen.

Our little boys are increasingly gender blind and feminist- one little man I know is adamant that the next James Bond should be a woman, and why not? Our partners know that they also have to do the night feed and the school run, moisturise, stack the dishwasher and shower the kids with kisses (as well as encouraging fart jokes and resting their eyes for a short while after lunch on Sunday).

There’s still a way to go though, and not only from the perspective of women’s equality. For example, it’s worrying that a “boys don’t cry” attitude still seems to prevail and that many men find it difficult to loosen that stiff upper lip.

Many men don’t have a role model for the new mode of masculinity that they are expected to embody so, this Fathers’ Day, let’s think about and appreciate our brave pioneers who are standing side by side with us in raising our families, running our homes and fighting the feminist fight. They are teaching our little boys how to be and, we think, creating a shining example to them. With their help, the next generation isn’t going to have to worry about #metoo and unfair pay. With any luck, they’ll look back with incredulity at the fact that it happened at all.

So, a big thank you to all you men in our Village. Let’s raise a pint. And you can rest your eyes for 20 minutes on Sunday. Because we love you.


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