We’ve been making delicious home made sourdough, courtesy of a fabulous kit from Crumb, and eating it with scrambled eggs, the obligatory mashed avocado or just slathered in butter.

If you love sourdough or know someone who does, we highly recommend this kit.

Most home bakers think sourdough is beyond their reach. Crumb has the perfect solution, a 13-piece kit they call the Crumb Baker’s Dozen, including absolutely everything to guarantee that anyone, from novice to pro, will be turning out perfect sourdough loaves from day one, and forever more.

Beautifully wrapped and packaged, it makes the perfect present for any foodie – truly the gift that keeps giving. The kit comes packed with top-quality hardware including a granite baking stone, calico lined proving baskets, a scoring blade (or baker’s lame), porcelain ramekin and a spray mister for a crunchy crust a stainless flour scoop and a flexible dough scraper. It also includes speciality flours to turn out your first two loaves, clear detailed instructions and links to a YouTube video demonstration.

But crucially, the kit comes with a sourdough starter – a live yeast culture – that has been making perfect loaves for over a decade. This is the secret ingredient that makes sourdough the king of breads – and the thing that stops most home bakers attempting their own. This starter is primed and ready to go, and more importantly, will last forever. It remains in your fridge in its own lidded bowl, and an occasional feed with flour and water means you can have a life-long supply of incomparable home-¬made sourdough.

We’ve teamed up with Crumb to offer Sitster users and your friends and family a 10% discount on Crumb kits, making it exceptionally good value (just £45 for the full Baker’s Dozen kit or £10.80 for the starter). They make very special presents – for Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, wedding gifts or anything else.

Just click the link below to order and then email [email protected] with the code Sitsterbakes to receive a 10% discount.