It hadn’t properly dawned on me until now, but it seems that Christmas really is approaching. And fast.

It goes without saying that I’m not *quite* ready – no presents bought, no food ordered and I haven’t yet actually managed to commit to where we’re going to be. Not only that, I have a brand new, poorly baby, and there are things to do that, pre-children, I never would have imagined I’d find myself undertaking.

It’s well known by my friends that I am by no means a domestic goddess. I barely cook and I certainly would never consider making anything crafty. After all, I’m in my 40s and have a desk job – why on earth would I?

Nevertheless, when you have a school age child, it’s assumed that you have an inner Blue Peter presenter, just waiting for her chance to shine.

So this year, I’ve been told to make a starfish costume for the school production (I KNOW), the class reps would like some baking to be done for the school fair and my daughter would really love to knock up some home made Christmas cards (3D please). Not to mention artfully and tastefully decorating the tree.

Unbelievably, despite my total incapacity to face all these extremely first world problems, I’m feeling super festive.

The reason for my seasonal cheer? My phone is ding donging merrily as the Sitsterhood mobilises to tackle all these challenges, village style. Lucy is looking after my daughter AGAIN while I take the baby for his outpatient check; Katherine has sorted the costumes (thanks eBay) in return for a lift to the show from me. Yasmin has agreed to keep an eye on the pram while I take my turn on the cake stall (better to help out, I thought, than to inflict my rock hard rock buns on the paying public) and Jenny-from-over-the-road’s 9 year old is coming over to help my little girl with her cutting and sticking while Jenny gets on top of her freelancer workload, boosted by those inexplicable Christmas deadlines imposed by her clients.

Not only that, despite the fact that there’s no work Christmas party when your job is looking after a tiny baby, my Sitster gang is filling the gap. Nothing says Christmas like not needing to keeping an eye on the time and worry about getting home for the sitter, so babysitter-free parties are being thrown at which the grown ups will chuck mulled wine down their throats while the kids, ahem, “sleep” upstairs, bundled together in one bed.

So, I’ve said it before but THANK YOU Sitsters. You’ve saved my bacon once again. A very merry Christmas to you all.

by Liz, one of the Sitsterhood x

Sitster is a mobile app to help friends organise a babysitting circle. Sitster makes it quick and easy to arrange babysitting amongst a group of your trusted friends, using a points system so it’s completely free and fair.