It’s scary that a year has passed since we last blogged about the babysitting headache that is Valentine’s Day. So much has changed since then – there’s a new baby on the team – so the idea of going out at all, let alone for some commercially driven fauxmance, is currently something of a pipe dream.

But that’s not to say that love isn’t in the air. This Valentine’s Day is positively brimming with it, so much so that I’m driven to smash through the last taboo and share how much I adore my children.

I think we’d all claim as common ground those deeply infuriating, frustrating, exhausting moments when we would happily pop our children in the dustbin. But what is sometimes airbrushed out of the tales of projectile vomit, poonamis, spat out food and backchat is the total wonder of parenthood. Of course there’s a reason we keep it a secret and that reason is that it’s nauseating to gush about your offspring. BUT for one day only, let’s forget about that and remember this:

1. They’re so SOFT, little children. Just so smooth and perfect and soft. And they smell amazing. (Except in the cases of bodily malfunction referred to above when they smell disgusting).

2. They adore us. Even when they say they don’t, they do. They want us so so badly when they’re tired or poorly or have Big News to announce. No-one will ever want us more. They also think our jokes are funny (they’re the only people who haven’t heard them before) and enjoy our singing. Who else could you say that about?

3. They’re hilarious. Where would we be without all those inappropriate and unintentionally wonderful things they say that we share with our other loved ones (and that no-one else would be remotely interested in or amused by)?

4. They are a better version of us. They have yet to become set in their ways or develop prejudices or find life boring. They are curious, intrepid and are just waiting to have their little minds blown by everything they’re yet to learn.

5. They’re a TOTAL MIRACLE. How the hell do they get here? How do our bodies DO that? I mean, wow.

So there we are. The cat’s out of the bag and for one day only, I’m going to shout it loud and proud – I’m in love with my children.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you in the Sitsterhood. Let’s raise a glass to our guilty secret. And make mine a large one – they’ve been a NIGHTMARE today…

By Liz (a Sitster user)

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