A lovely post from a Sitster app user:

It takes a village: Thoughts on the value of a network

When I was pregnant, I got fired from my job. The grounds for my dismissal were explicit – no beating around the bush pretending that my performance wasn’t up to scratch. I was told that pregnant women sweat, (apparently that’s not a good look for a woman meeting clients), and that there was a very real risk that I may collapse, bleeding. And what would my boss do then?
I was paid off (a bit) and sent packing. It was a shocking and momentous moment in my life. It was the first time I had been out of a job in the 15 years since I had left university and I had never had my days to myself before. I realised that I hadn’t appreciated enough the importance of seeing my lovely colleagues every day, the comforting routine of choosing what to wear and dashing for the train, being able to nip to Pret for a sandwich at lunchtime. I didn’t know anyone else who didn’t work. The next few months were extremely boring – I couldn’t walk very far because my back objected to my bump (massive bowling ball more than a bump really), and I had nothing much to do. I snacked a LOT.
Then, I found a network.

Having heaved my enormous, part baby, mainly cake-filled body to NCT classes with trepidation, I realised that there were other women living within a stone’s throw of me who would also, soon, have the days to themselves for a while. Hip hip hooray! And so it started – I began to make local friends with whom I had an instant connection through the shared experience of having a baby. New colleagues, in fact. Mums from stay and play, then parents from nursery became my life-line – always someone around to have a laugh with, always someone to angst at when things weren’t going as well as they might.

Of course, it has not all been rosy. The rocky times have at least equalled the brilliant times but at least I’m not on my own, as I feared I would be at the beginning.
And this brings me to now – the start of the Sitster years – where I have such a good, trusted group of friends that I can happily dump my children on them. Or have their children dumped on me. And it feels great. I never believed that I would recreate the camaraderie of the office in my new life but I have, and my whole family is happier for the incredible support network we have around us.

So three cheers for our Sitster groups who (I hope at least) don’t mind one bit if we get a bit sweaty sometimes.