It won’t have escaped you that it’s International Women’s Day. Once you manage to get past the tweets from aggrieved men demanding to know when it will be International Men’s Day (19 November, is the answer), it is a really good opportunity to celebrate all the amazing women who have formed and changed each of our lives.

Of course, this list includes the trailblazers, the campaigners and the martyrs who have fought to place a lot of British women in a (nearly) equal position to men today. But it also includes all the women in our life who provide love and support, friendship and a laugh on a daily basis. So here’s a big hurrah to some of them.

Thank you old friends – you knew us before jobs and partners and children. You have (mercifully blurry) photographic evidence of our gothic stage, our podgy stage, our indie stage – and you can’t mock because you’re standing by our side looking very similar. You’re here to remind us of those carefree days and, most of all, to make us laugh at ourselves, because you know that, behind all the responsibility we now bear, there are still silly girls eager to pop out from time to time.

Thank you new friends – you provide support at work, on the school run, in our NCT classes. Although you haven’t been around as long as our old friends, you stop us getting set in our ways and understand our day to day ups and downs. You listen to us moan about work, babysit for us and reassure us when we feel like inadequate parents. It’s also brilliant fun getting to know you.

Thank you sisters – you’ve argued with us, borrowed our clothes without asking and been insanely annoying, but you know us to our core and remind us to be ourselves. You’re there when we need you and we can always rely on you to lift our spirits and laugh at our jokes (someone has to..).

Thank you mothers – in your case, where to begin? You’ve seen us at our very worst and our very best and you’ve loved us just the same. You’ve been our carer, teacher, guide and champion. And you’ve rarely asked for anything back (aside from a tidy bedroom and a phone call once in a while). Whether or not you are still with us, you mean the world to us.

Finally, thank you to all the women supporting other women everywhere. We’re in it together comrades. Happy International Women’s Day.

By Kate, a member of the Sitsterhood.

Sitster is a mobile app to help friends organise a babysitting circle. Sitster makes it quick and easy to arrange babysitting amongst a group of your trusted friends, using a points system so it’s completely free and fair.