Picture the scene:

It’s your child’s birthday. They’re unicorn/dinosaur/princess/superhero* (*delete as appropriate) obsessed and you’ve baked them a gorgeous birthday cake and decorated it in said theme YOURSELF and it was DEAD EASY and looks AMAZING! “I am winning at parenting!” you say to yourself (possibly accidentally out loud), as you bask in the oh-so-rare appreciative smiles on your child’s face.

This could be reality, thanks to the brilliant award winning cake baking kits from Craft and Crumb.

Craft and Crumb sell complete baking kits with everything you need (including easy to follow instructions) to bake and decorate the cake of your child’s dreams! They also sell gorgeous cupcake and biscuit kits.

We’ve teamed up with Craft and Crumb to offer Sitster users (and any of your friends and family) a 10% discount on any of their biscuit, cupcake and complete cake kits. Just click the link below and enter the code Sitsterbakes at checkout.


And if you’re already an expert baker producing Bake Off-style showstoppers for every occasion, then bear in mind that the cake kits make fab presents for other people less skilled than you, and the cupcake and biscuit sets make great presents for children.