We thought it would be helpful to share our top tips on being part of a babysitting circle and how you can make the most out of using Sitster App.

Setting up your group

  • invite friends who live locally and you trust
  • ideally have at least 3 group members (there’s no maximum recommended number, but anything between around 5-10 works really well)
  • it’s good to have more than one group. If you only have one and you like to socialise together then you’ll be stuck for babysitters when you go out as a group!
  • we recommend starting the group off with at least 10 points each.

When you’re hosting

  • if it’s evening babysitting ideally have the kids in their pjs, ready for bed (or even asleep if possible!) before your Sitster arrives.
  • let your Sitster know of any routines or special toys your children like at bedtime or what to do if they wake up – you can add this info to the notes in the app when making your sitting request.
  • leave out TV remotes and explain how to use the TV/access Netflix etc. Also leave out the WiFi code.
  • show your Sitster where the tea and coffee is (and the biscuit tin)
  • come home when you say you will. If you’re going to be late let your Sitster know as soon as possible.
  • once home, quickly confirm the sit is completed in the app so that the points are transferred to your friend. If you delay it could impact on your friend’s ability to request sits.

Being a sitter

  • If you can’t sit having already accepted the request try to give as much advance notice to your friend as possible so that they can resend the request to the rest of the group and hopefully find someone else who can do it.
  • If it’s a day time sit consider offering to have the children at your own house rather than go to your friend’s. It’s often easier that way and if your own children are around you can treat it as a play date and let them entertain each other.
  • If it’s an evening sit, consider it as a treat. You can have a few guilt-free hours away from home and jobs. Bring a book or magazine and chill out or binge on Netflix shows.
  • congratulate yourself on being such a lovely, helpful friend (and start planning your next night out with the points you’ve just earned!).

To create your own babysitting circle ask your trusted friends and download our app.   Sitster is a free app to help parents organise a babysitting circle with their trusted friends.   The app does all the administration, organising and keeps track of the virtual points you earn and spend babysitting. Easy, Free and Fair.