Free babysitting amongst friends

Sitster makes it quick and easy to arrange babysitting amongst a group of your trusted friends, using a points system so it’s free and fair.

Parents, we're in this together - join the Sitsterhood and give each other a break!

Hi, I'm Laura,

founder of Sitster and mum of two young boys.

After spending £150 one night on what was supposed to be a low-key cinema trip with my husband (dinner, taxi, cinema tickets and babysitter), I realised we needed to find an alternative babysitting arrangement otherwise we wouldn't go out again until the kids had left home.

There were also loads of times when my husband (now aka hubster) and I just wanted to go out for a quick drink or to a local restaurant (or do a bit of Christmas shopping - the list goes on) just for a couple of hours, but babysitters wanted us to be out for at least 3 hours in order to make it worth their while, which made every outing sooo expensive.

And so Sitster was born.

Parents, we're in this together - join the Sitsterhood and give each other a break!

Enjoy free babysitting from trusted friends who your kids know, more nights out for you and your partner and the warm glow of helping out your friends. Happy parents, happy friends, happy kids.



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Say goodbye to expensive babysitters and feeling awkward or guilty about asking friends to sit for you and say hello to more freedom and the warm glow of giving your friends a helping hand.

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